Revelation 12:1-17 – The Woman, War In Heaven, War On Earth

Revelation 12:1-17 – The Woman, War In Heaven, War On Earth

As You seek understanding and clarity in your life you should always turn to your Heavenly Father for Guidance.

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  • Why Do Women Hate Men?
  • Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?
  • Women are looking for a fathers love
  • Spiritual Order – In The Family and Church
  • How God Commands Us To Forgive Those Who We Have Resentment Toward
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Here is a youtube video to help thoses who need to understand someone explaining the important message, the youtube video is call “Revelation 12:1-17 – The Woman, War In Heaven, War On Earth”, This video is with Pastor Steve Carr:

Note: has no relations with Pastor Steve Carr, But enjoys sharing the word.

Why Do Women Hate Men?

Since I was a little kid I understood that there was an order to life. I could see how when things would get out of order Dad and Mom did work well together they would talk in a different manner, not like when two happy people would agree on something, but as if there was something that couldn’t be overcome. I was at least 4 years old when I could tell there were problems, when there are problems and children can see, hear, and feel it when mom wouldn’t submit to dads leadership. In these differences that any Dad and Mom would have in front of theirs kids Mom tends to build an army against the Father and Mom tends to use words like us or group think or use words that would describe a group. Many times as a man, husband, boyfriend: a man can tell that the wife, girlfriend, woman, has began a spiritual warfare against her husband or better half til she gets what she wants or achieves her goal.

Why do women hate men? mademanministries

A good wife wouldn’t go against her husband or better half. A good wife would not start a spiritual warfare in the house. A divided house can’t stand and this is the leading cause of all divorces is a woman who is disobedient to her husband or you can also say it is the woman/wife who asks for the divorce first and not man/husband . Most times a Man can’t face his problems because he his the spirit of his mother. When a Man can’t stand up and deal with his problems he needs to find it in himself to stand up and go to forgive his mom for the resentment he has in his heart.

Survey: Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA mademanministries

Many times women hate men because since the beganning of create God created it the way since the fall in the Garden of Eden. Women hate weak men and a lot of emotions come up when a man is weak to a woman. women or wives find it hard to deal with a man who is designed and meant to be stronger, a provider, a protector, strong in his morality, and the leader of the family. Women will test their men every chance she feels she needs to see where she stand with him. When a man fails this test, the woman or wife will test her man again and again until (she hopes she finds it in him that he pasts this test), but if the man or husband continues to fail those tests she will no longer find this man worthy of oneness, unity, being one family. The woman or wife may use the word I don’t feel secure or safe around you. A woman nature drives her to find it in her man to test him to know where she stand with him, woman may come off as slay, but are really testing her man in a way to find that peace and security in herself to unit with in the relation. A woman in her femininity seeks a man to have over her and she sees the way of an order or spiritual order setup by God since the fall written about in Genesis.

Another major problem in marriages is the man/husband is weak and the wife is hard to deal with. If a wife is hard to deal with and the weak husband, the wife will become full of some emotions and will overwhelm her husband those tests. Most weak man/husbands are not taught how to handle those tests given to him by his wife. The weak man might ever use drugs, for example drink his problems away at a local bar before coming home after a long day at work or even smoke something.

Weak man will hide from his problems, wife, built walls around him and use anything to not stand up and not face his real problems.


If a women/wife would see her husband as weak and let him lead even when he is weak and let him overcome his problems so can learn how to be a real man, a strong man in morality and more. Women need to under not all men are ready for a relationship as most women would have it. Women need to let a men overcome his own problems in his time. Women need to be obedient wives as Saint Paul talks about in the Bible. Christian Men to find Women who believe in Christianity and what the bible says even the “The World” tells us differently.

Are men really from Mars?

Simon Shattock, Family and Couples Psychotherapist from Clinical Partners says:

“Men and women have different traits in a relationship, and often, a better understanding of such differences, or an appreciation of these differences, can lead to less expectation on one’s partner to act and feel the same way as them.

“Women tend to express a greater need for emotional intimacy and connection, and express the need to feel they are understood, validated and respected by their partner, whereas males don’t necessarily strive for the same emotional intimacy in order to feel comfortable with physical intimacy.

“Men tend to strive to display autonomy to succeed and seek greater status in a relationship, and tend to be most motivated when they feel needed by their partner, giving them greater purpose.

“Relationships cannot survive without honesty and clear, concise communication, which is why it’s so important to talk with your partner, so that things don’t become one-sided. Failure to listen or to understand each other’s differences can lead to tension, which is why compromise, and listening to your partner are fundamental in order to achieve a sustainable, healthy and happy relationship.”

To read more of the article: They cheat, walk out on you or just want sex – why we hate men

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They cheat, walk out on you or just want sex – why we hate men

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

I would start out by saying what Jesus Christ would want us to do? Pray and how should we pray? The Lord’s Pray, and how often should we pray? Continually. Why do we use the Lord’s Pray and not some other? The Lord’s pray covers all the areas that is important for our spiritual being.

When we pray the Lords prayer we ask to forgive our enemies, let God’s will be done, the kingdom to come. By praying the Lord’s prayer we let go of many thoughts we have in our head and give them back to God so we can have things revealed to us.

We must overcome resentment in our heart, and in the above video Dr. Jordan Peterson talks about how resentment can destroy us and we become our own very worst enemy and Jordan goes on to say that we must talk to people what we have resentment toward to overcome that resentment. Other people who lived in the past who talked about this is Jesus Christ and someone who is living now who talks about this daily is Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.

Women are looking for a fathers love

Women are looking for a fathers love. Its important that men understand women are looking for a fathers love and not get screwed. Woman more than anything are looking for a strong spiritual man to lead the future (the family). I think in a video Jesse Lee Peterson shares with us on his youtube channel he has been working toward and brings everything to a point of how young women are being hurt by men that are just looking to get laid instead of doing right and being in christ and setting a good example of a strong man. We must be in Christ, hate no one, love all, forgave thoses we resent, love what is right and support people who are walking with God.

Women need their fathers in their lives to be strong man to be good examples and not BETA men or weak examples of what a man should be. Its important that a man leads the way as Christ leads men, we as man need to fellow Jesus Christ to keep society from going to HELL.

Every day you can see or people watch how some men and women our living in hell without the right spiritual order then you will continue your hellish way according to 2 Peter. You can also find it in Romans. God will give you over to a reprobate mind.

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient. – Romans 1:28 (KJV)

In Romans 1, Paul refers to something known as a reprobate mind. If you’re not familiar with the term reprobate, the literal definition in the Greek is failing to pass the test, unapproved, counterfeit.

1 Corinthians 11:3 But I would have you know, that the mademanministries

Spiritual Order – In The Family and Church

God the father

Jesus Christ

Father (Men over women)

Mother (Women over children)

Here is Book, Chapter and Verse from the Kings James Version 1 Corinthian 11:2-16, But the main messsage is in 1 Corinthian 11:3: “But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.”

The Ten Lepers – Resource for Kids Ministry mademanministries
The Ten Lepers

How God Commands Us To Forgive Those Who We Have Resentment Toward.

All of us are tested everyday by our personal internal struggle coming from resentment of what happened earlier in our lives as children typically what our mother did to us, telling how our fathers were not good enough or driving us away from our fathers when we were children. We most go to the people that we have resentment against and forgive them. By forgiving our mothers or whoever we have resentment against, God will forgive us and we can return to the heavenly Father through our Lord and Savory Jesus Christ.

It was said if you don’t love everyone then you love no one. People today live like the Old Testament people did. We must forgive and love everyone as God Commanded us to do according to Matthew 22:34-40.

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After Reading The Passage I would Recommend Doing A Silent Prayer

Its is said: Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10 King James Version (KJV)

Because He Lives - YouTube mademanministries
Jesus is an example of a Fathers love

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