Are Atheist Of The Female Spiritual AKA Grown up Single Mom Household

Are Atheist Of The Female Spiritual AKA Grown up Single Mom Household

Real Science Radio Takes On All Atheists  mademanministries

As You seek understanding and clarity in your life you should always turn to your Heavenly Father for Guidance.

Here is a youtube video to help thoses who need to understand someone explaining the important message, the youtube video is call “Are Atheists More Intelligent?”, The videos is with different people or ministries today:

Here is another youtube video:

Richard Dawkins: ‘Somebody as intelligent as Jesus would have been an atheist’
Are Atheists Biased?

Note: has no relations with the youtube channels above, But enjoys sharing the word.

My Thoughts On This Topic

You can see how atheistism is of the female mind (spirit) because it takes morality out of the equation and replaces it with “x” or fill in the blank. What is the “x” well athenist wants you to solve lifes problems like its a math equation. since the reformation we can see how science has attacked the church aka fatherhood, leads to people in history coming up with their own ideas of the truth. Here is a short list of people who re-made truth in their own image:

  1. John Locke
  2. Sir Francis Bacon
  3. Kazimierz Łyszczyński
  4. Christopher Marlowe
  5. Jean Meslier
  6. Ludwig Feuerbach
  7. Karl Marx
  8. Arthur Schopenhauer

More history before I move on to make my case:

Friedrich Nietzsche, a prominent nineteenth century philosopher, is well known for coining the aphorism God is dead” (German: “Gott ist tot“); incidentally the phrase was not spoken by Nietzsche directly, but was used as a dialogue for the characters in his works. Nietzsche argued that Christian theism as a belief system had been a moral foundation of the Western world, and that the rejection and collapse of this foundation as a result of modern thinking (the death of God) would naturally cause a rise in nihilism or the lack of values. While Nietzsche was staunchly atheistic, he was also concerned about the negative effects of nihilism on humanity. As such, he called for a re-evaluation of old values and a creation of new ones, hoping that in doing so humans would achieve a higher state he labeled the Overman (Übermensch).

Atheist feminism also began in the nineteenth century. Atheist feminists oppose religion as a main source of female oppression and gender inequality, believing that the majority of religions are sexist and oppressive to women.[99]

Twentieth century[edit]

Atheism in the twentieth century found recognition in a wide variety of other, broader philosophies in the Western tradition, such as existentialismobjectivism,[100] secular humanismnihilismlogical positivismMarxismanarchismfeminism,[101] and the general scientific and rationalist movementNeopositivism and analytical philosophy discarded classical rationalism and metaphysics in favor of strict empiricism and epistemological nominalism. Proponents such as Bertrand Russell emphatically rejected belief in God. In his early work, Ludwig Wittgenstein attempted to separate metaphysical and supernatural language from rational discourse. H. L. Mencken sought to debunk both the idea that science and religion are compatible, and the idea that science is a dogmatic belief system just like any religion.[102]

A. J. Ayer asserted the unverifiability and meaninglessness of religious statements, citing his adherence to the empirical sciences. The structuralism of Lévi-Strauss sourced religious language to the human subconscious, denying its transcendental meaning. J. N. Findlay and J. J. C. Smart argued that the existence of God is not logically necessary. Naturalists and materialists such as John Dewey considered the natural world to be the basis of everything, denying the existence of God or immortality.[103][104]

The historian Geoffrey Blainey wrote that during the twentieth century, atheists in Western societies became more active and even militant, though they often “relied essentially on arguments used by numerous radical Christians since at least the eighteenth century”. They rejected the idea of an interventionist God, and said that Christianity promoted war and violence, though “the most ruthless leaders in the Second World War were atheists and secularists who were intensely hostile to both Judaism and Christianity” and “Later massive atrocities were committed in the East by those ardent atheists, Pol Pot and Mao Zedong“. Some scientists were meanwhile articulating a view that as the world becomes more educated, religion will be superseded.[105]

State atheism[edit]

Mao Zedong with Joseph Stalin in 1949. Both leaders repressed religion and established state atheism throughout their respective Communist spheres.

Often, the state’s opposition to religion took more violent forms. Consequently, religious organizations, such as the Catholic Church, were among the most stringent opponents of communist regimes. In some cases, the initial strict measures of control and opposition to religious activity were gradually relaxed in communist states. Pope Pius XI followed his encyclicals challenging the new right-wing creeds of Italian Fascism (Non abbiamo bisogno, 1931) and Nazism (Mit brennender Sorge, 1937) with a denunciation of atheistic Communism in Divini redemptoris (1937).[106]

The Russian Orthodox Church, for centuries the strongest of all Orthodox Churches, was suppressed by the Soviet government.[107] In 1922, the Soviet regime arrested the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.[108] Following the death of Vladimir Lenin, with his rejection of religious authority as a tool of oppression and his strategy of “patently explain,” Soviet leader Joseph Stalin energetically pursued the persecution of the Church through the 1920s and 1930s. Lenin wrote that every religious idea and every idea of God “is unutterable vileness… of the most dangerous kind, ‘contagion of the most abominable kind”.[109] Many priests were killed and imprisoned. Thousands of churches were closed, some turned into hospitals. In 1925 the government founded the League of Militant Atheists to intensify the persecution. The regime only relented in its persecution following the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.[107] Bullock wrote that “A Marxist regime was ‘godless’ by definition, and Stalin had mocked religious belief since his days in the Tiflis seminary”. His assault on the Russian peasantry, wrote Bullock, “had been as much an attack on their traditional religion as on their individual holdings, and the defense of it had played a major part in arousing peasant resistance . . . “.[110] In Divini Redemptoris, Pius XI said that atheistic Communism being led by Moscow was aimed at “upsetting the social order and at undermining the very foundations of Christian civilization”:[111]

The central figure in Italian Fascism was the atheist Benito Mussolini.[112] In his early career, Mussolini was a strident opponent of the Church, and the first Fascist program, written in 1919, had called for the secularization of Church property in Italy.[113] More pragmatic than his German ally Adolf Hitler, Mussolini later moderated his stance, and in office, permitted the teaching of religion in schools and came to terms with the Papacy in the Lateran Treaty.[112] Nevertheless, Non abbiamo bisogno condemned his Fascist movement’s “pagan worship of the State” and “revolution which snatches the young from the Church and from Jesus Christ, and which inculcates in its own young people hatred, violence and irreverence.”[114]

The point of sharing you the history of atheistism, is to show how since the reformation we have replace God with our own self believes. Again I take you back to my idea and reason to use “x”. When we take God out of society and have no morality we are a female minded society with no fathers in place to lead the way as God intend.

I am saying when we have God the Father as the head of our society we have fathers in the households to be good and strong leaders and examples to their families (including wife (female) and children). There is a spiritual order that I write about down below. If there is a weak man in the house or no man at all than we tend to have problems children that are raised in the household. Women can not teach boys how to be a man. Women who raise children by them selves tend to raise their children female minded or with a female spirit that most of the time the children are against their fathers because the mother did not tell the children the truth how the father left her or how difficult she was to deal with. Side note: Sometimes it is best for the father to leave his wife if a wife is described as above. Back to what I was saying: I can see how atheist are female minded with how they grow up thinking they need a lot of knowledge that doesn’t solve the problem at hand. Women tend to seek a lot of knowledge to solve the problem while man Go and Do. For example, when there are meetings at church, civil groups, public hearing, and board meetings, women talk alot to show self importance. For example Mori, an 83-year-old former prime minister of Japan, “”A meeting of an executive board that includes many women would take time,” Mori was quoted as saying by the newspaper. “Women are competitive. When someone raises his or her hand and speaks, they probably think they should speak too. That is why they all end up making comments.””

Some people in society has use atheist to attack the family or the man and take the man out of the family and just leaving the family acting and behaving ungodly but set in their own ways.

I shared the videos above and the articles down below to show you that the female spirit is about knowledge and self worship. Women who didn’t grow up knowing God or having a strong father in the house seek love from many different men later in their lives and become a God to those men who come to her for one thing.

If a women grows up with strong father in the house then they our humble Godly women who know the right way to behave. I did my best to help raise one daughter in society and she went on to finish university with Honors and is a great example at where is works on the East Coast.

In closing you should always be aware of the female minded man, female spirit about society, jezabel spirit of women, this spirit is like the spirit of Satan the father of lies. Atheist has no morality so they have a lot of ideas, theories, and explanations on how to handle problems but they are theories and not reality. People who are female minded can not handle postions of leadership because they don’t make good leaders. The female mind deals in feelings instead of logic. Some of the best minds describe God as a Logic Spirit and the Holy Spirit is described as the spiritual of truth. Atheist does not seek to find the truth but denie God exists. In the end God will use all things for his glory and no atheist can ever answer how God uses them for his glory.

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History of atheism

9 Famous Women With the Perfect Response on Why They’ve Ditched Religion

I just added the “9 famous women” who show how they are atheist and it also shows you more about women and the evil spirit that has made a home in atheistism.

Women are looking for a fathers love

Women are looking for a fathers love. Its important that men understand women are looking for a fathers love and not get screwed. Woman more than anything are looking for a strong spiritual man to lead the future (the family). I think in a video Jesse Lee Peterson shares with us on his youtube channel he has been working toward and brings everything to a point of how young women are being hurt by men that are just looking to get laid instead of doing right and being in christ and setting a good example of a strong man. We must be in Christ, hate no one, love all, forgave thoses we resent, love what is right and support people who are walking with God.

Women need their fathers in their lives to be strong man to be good examples and not BETA men or weak examples of what a man should be. Its important that a man leads the way as Christ leads men, we as man need to fellow Jesus Christ to keep society from going to HELL.

Every day you can see or people watch how some men and women our living in hell without the right spiritual order then you will continue your hellish way according to 2 Peter. You can also find it in Romans. God will give you over to a reprobate mind.

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient. – Romans 1:28 (KJV)

In Romans 1, Paul refers to something known as a reprobate mind. If you’re not familiar with the term reprobate, the literal definition in the Greek is failing to pass the test, unapproved, counterfeit.

1 Corinthians 11:3 But I would have you know, that the mademanministries

Spiritual Order – In The Family and Church

God the father

Jesus Christ

Father (Men over women)

Mother (Women over children)

Here is Book, Chapter and Verse from the Kings James Version 1 Corinthian 11:2-16, But the main messsage is in 1 Corinthian 11:3: “But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.”

The Ten Lepers – Resource for Kids Ministry mademanministries
Jesus The Ten Lepers

How God Commands Us To Forgive Those Who We Have Resentment Toward.

All of us are tested everyday by our personal internal struggle coming from resentment of what happened earlier in our lives as children typically what our mother did to us, telling how our fathers were not good enough or driving us away from our fathers when we were children. We most go to the people that we have resentment against and forgive them. By forgiving our mothers or whoever we have resentment against, God will forgive us and we can return to the heavenly Father through our Lord and Savory Jesus Christ.

It was said if you don’t love everyone then you love no one. People today live like the Old Testament people did. We must forgive and love everyone as God Commanded us to do according to Matthew 22:34-40.

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After Reading The Passage I would Recommend Doing A Silent Prayer

Its is said: Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10 King James Version (KJV)

Because He Lives - YouTube mademanministries
Jesus is an example of a Fathers love

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